Types of Navigation for Websites

Published: 18th May 2009
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Navigation is a very important element of a website. It is the aspect of a website that helps its visitors move from one page to another. According to an Orange County Web Design company, a site with poor navigation could immediately lose visitors that have just arrived at the website. Some visitors would choose to leave a site if they see that it is difficult to navigate. Visitors go to your site because they need something, make it easy for them to locate it and to go to it.

An expert on Orange County Web Design says that there are many ways of designing a site's navigation. Different Orange County Web Design companies use different ways of navigation for different sites. A navigation system is usually a collection of links in the form of texts, images, flash files, or Java applets. The difference is apparent with the type of navigation bar used. Below are the different kinds of navigation you can use:

*Horizontal Text. A very common type of navigation style. The sections of the site are usually given a one- to two-word name and these names are arranged in a horizontal list. An extension of this style is to have rollover description for each navigation item.

*Vertical Text. As common as the horizontal text, this is reasonable because they are very similar to each other. This is opted for use on sites with a longer list of items on the navigation bar. It is also commonly used as secondary navigation for sites whose main navigation is a horizontal text bar.

*Drop-down Menus. This kind of menu is often used in conjunction with horizontal navigation. It allows the visitors to have direct access to any subsection of the site.

*Sub-menus. Sometimes, instead of a drop-down menu, all the sub-sections can be found in sub-menus directly below the main navigation titles.

There are many ways of making your navigation style unique using the basic styles discussed above. Adding descriptions for each navigation item, especially if the navigation title is not descriptive enough, is a good idea. You could also put icons or graphics that would still add information to what the visitor might achieve upon clicking the icon or graphic. Don't be afraid to try out new ones, just make sure that you do a careful evaluation of how it affects the visits to your site.

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